One child policy in China

What is the price of a human body? Dozens of demonstrators protested outside Hon Hai’s Taipei headquarters on 28 May 2010, urging the company to respect life and improve treatment of its workers. They laid flowers for the 10 dead Foxconn workers. Photo credit: Wang Hao-zhong (2010).

This post is supposed to be about one child policy. And this is my first blog post after 3 years…hiatus. J I promise I will keep writing this time.

All my friends know that I am a big-picture person, always enjoying talking about strategy and system. So why one child policy this time? Let me give you some context here.

A friend—very smart person with a very interesting blog BTW — told me that she is writing something about this topic. She is from post 80s generation, so not-surprisingly, her story would be focused on post-80s kid’s loneliness.

I thought it was not a picture big enough for my interest. But I was wrong. When I found these pictures (shown with this post), I am shocked to a realization that the loneliness of those post 80 kids are not just because they grow up in a one-child environment, the main reason is that  the society is suppressing their personality. Or more aptly, the society is stifling the souls of hundreds of thousands ordinary Chinese people, regardless of what generation you are in.

They are all feeling lonely.

I still remembered the days I help American couples adopt abandoned babies from inland China. Are those children’s biological mothers or parents evil person? I don’t know, they survive on their tiny salaries and have no security net to provide health care or anything affording the dignity of a human being.

I still could not understand why my grandfather committed suicide after culture revolution was over. But I was sure he was very lonely. He tried to contributed to the country but what he got back was torture. Even today, no one dares to write anything real about culture revolution in text-book.

What a sick society. Just yesterday, I got a phone call from a classmate in Boston. His father is a successful businessman in Beijing. But he want to immigrate to USA. Why? He really feels exhausted and … lonely. And he is a post 60s generation.

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